Rose Room
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The Rose Room at The Garden City Hotel

Where Garden City Comes
To Play

Rose Room is an underground whiskey- driven rock n roll bar with a rock and roll vibe with 50 seats or so. Featuring a unique collection of bourbon, scotch, and rye whiskies along with artisanal cocktails - smoked, shaken, and stirred with the finest and rarest spirits available to discerning cocktailians. Dark and cozy, the Rose Room conjures a sense of escapism from the mundane, a place to let your alter ego kick back and have its thirst quenched.

Open only after 8PM Fridays and Saturdays. Guests are shuttled via Wolf Cart 1 (A Private Golf Cart) to the back of the hotel and down an 80-foot loading dock ramp to a door marked by a hologram sign of a wolf with a rose in its mouth. Up the dimly lit staircase, one goes moving closer to the pulsing sound of rock music and arriving at the hip designed lounge.

Hours Of Operation

  • Currently Closed For The Season
  • Re-Opening: Friday | October 6, 2023