Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee will assure that you’ll always get the best rate available when you book directly with The Garden City hotel.

1. Make a reservation through one of the following official website for The Garden City Hotel or The Garden City call center.

2. If within 24 hours of making your reservation, you find a qualifying lower price for the same room type, reservation dates and terms and conditions for the booking, we’ll match the rate and give you an additional 15% off the room rate for each night of your stay.
You must contact 877-549-0400 to have your request verified.

The Rose Room – For a party unlike any other.

Add some undercover intrigue to your next private gathering at The Rose Room.  Our indulgent cocktail lounge is the perfect setting to host a birthday, company celebration or night out. Exclusive use of the Rose Room includes a private entrance and bathrooms for your guests only. The Rose Room is equipped with a MERVE filtration system to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests.  Gather your most fashionable friends for a private party they’ll never forget in a Garden City hideaway they’ve never imagined! Available for private events only.

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