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The Rose Room – An Underground Rare Whiskey Bar

Hours of Operation:

Friday - Saturday: 8pm – Close

The Rose Room is an underground whisky driven rock n roll bar. The intimate, 50-seat lounge features a unique collection of bourbon, scotch, and rye whiskies, in addition to carefully crafted artisanal cocktails that are smoked, shaken, and stirred with the finest and rarest spirits available. Dark and cozy, the Rose Room conjures a sense of escapism from the mundane; a place to let your alter ego kick back and have its thirst quenched.

Open only after 8PM Friday and Saturday, guests are shuttled via Wolf Cart 1 (a private golf cart) to the back of the hotel and down an 80-foot loading dock ramp to a secret door, marked only by a hologram sign of a wolf with a rose in its mouth. Up the dimly lit staircase, one goes moving closer to the pulsing sound of rock music and arriving at the grunge-designed lounge.

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