Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee will assure that you’ll always get the best rate available when you book directly with The Garden City hotel.

1. Make a reservation through one of the following official website for The Garden City Hotel or The Garden City call center.

2. If within 24 hours of making your reservation, you find a qualifying lower price for the same room type, reservation dates and terms and conditions for the booking, we’ll match the rate and give you an additional 15% off the room rate for each night of your stay.
You must contact 877-549-0400 to have your request verified.

Mynd Spa

Mynd Spa & Salon at The Garden City Hotel

MYND Spa & Salon will be closed until further notice

Mynd Spa & Salon offers a wide range of tailor-made beauty and wellness services for every guest. Comprised of industry experts, the Mynd team specializes in massage therapy, body treatments, skincare, nail care, makeup, and waxing and are happy to customize each service to meet your needs.

Mynd Takeaway Menu

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