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The Luck of the Irish in Garden City

March 03, 2020

Even though Ireland and Garden City are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, there is no denying the Irish heritage and history in this town. In fact, Alexander Turney Stewart, the creator of the Garden City Hotel and founder of the village of Garden City, was an Irish American millionaire who made his fortune in New York City. After moving from Ireland to New York in 1823, Alexander Turney Stewart amassed his millions through a dry goods store, one of the largest and most lucrative of its kind in the entire world. At age 70, and with no children of his own, Stewart purchased 10,000 acres of Hempstead Plains on Long Island to create a place that would embody his ideals, wisdom, and wealth. This city, Garden City, would be his lasting legacy. At the time of his death, he was one of the wealthiest men in New York City, just behind Vanderbilt and Astor. His loving wife erected several buildings in his memory, including St. Paul’s School and The Cathedral of the Incarnation; the latter of which also served as a mausoleum for both Stewart and his wife. With a founder like Alexander Turney Stewart, it is only fitting that Garden City and the Garden City Hotel properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There will be St. Patrick’s Day’s cocktail specials from March 15-17 at King Bar, including the “Irish Dancer,” “Irish Coffee,” and “The Tipsy Badger.” This St. Patrick’s Day, raise a drink to Alexander Turney Stewart at the Garden City Hotel! 

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