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The History of the Garden City Hotel

April 09, 2020

Alexander Turney Stewart was a man with a vision. A merchant millionaire from New York City, Stewart had a plan to develop his own community, one that reflected his ideas, experiences, and even his wealth. In 1869, at nearly 70 years old, he purchased 10,00 acres of Hempstead Plains and set out to create this vision. From here, Garden City was born.

Stewart developed his early American village with wide avenues, abundant greenery, and sixty WELL-BUILT homes, as well as a Victorian-style hotel—the Garden City Hotel. Built on a 30-acre park, the much-anticipated Garden City Hotel first opened on July 30, 1874. Stewart managed the hotel himself until his death in 1876, when his wife Cornelia inherited his legacy.

Cornelia went on to honor Alexander Turney Stewart's memory by continuing the development of Garden City until she was laid to rest in 1886.

Forever over a century, our beloved city Garden City has only grown, cementing its position as one of the country’s most desirable communities. To this day, the Garden City Hotel still stands as a Long Island landmark, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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