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Garden City's Newest Secret

October 08, 2019

When the 18th Amendment was passed in 1919, it started the era of American history known as Prohibition. From 1920-1933, it was illegal to manufacture, sell, and transport alcohol in the United States. While illegal, it was not impossible. Now, the rebellious spirit that created bootleggers, Nascar, and speakeasies is serving as one of the inspirations for Garden City Hotel’s newest venue, the Rose Room. This intimate space celebrates the more exciting side of human nature while encouraging guests to let their hair down. The Rose Room features a special guest entrance, artisanal cocktails made with rare spirits, and a dark, cozy atmosphere. The Rose Room opened its doors on October 10, so you can start planning your Garden City "secret" adventure now. Perhaps you will be able to tap into the flapper and Gatsby spirit that defined the 1920s in a much more modern way as we eagerly approach the 2020s.

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