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An Exclusive Whiskey Bar Experience at the Newly Reconceived Rose Room

October 10, 2022

Its name is an Anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic uisce, meaning “water,” derived from the Latin term for distilled alcohol, aqua vitae, meaning “water of life.” Though we wouldn’t recommend replacing your daily eight glasses of H2O with whiskey, we do highly recommend a visit to Garden City Hotel’s newly reconceived Rose Room. Much like the monasteries responsible for whiskey-making in early modern England, GCH’s Rose Room is set in a deliberately out-of-the-way spot, ensuring only those in the know will find their way to this chic speakeasy-style whiskey bar with steampunk aesthetic. Select from an exclusive menu of bourbon, scotch, and rye; chat with fellow whiskey enthusiasts; or inquire after the subtle distinctions between the many varieties of each whiskey type from the friendly and knowledgeable mixologists behind the bar. The Rose Room is open every Thursday through Saturday starting at 8pm and is also available for private booking

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