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A Year of Celebration

July 02, 2019

2019 is a very important year in the long and storied history of Garden City. With both a sesquicentennial and a centennial for Garden City, Mayor Theresa Trouvé and the Board of Trustees have declared 2019 as “the year of celebrations.” 150 years ago, millionaire Alexander Turney Stewart purchased the land and founded the city. 50 years after that, the Garden City Community Agreement was completed, establishing the community that has become so beloved. All year long there will be celebrations ranging from a gala sponsored by the Historical Society to special editions of the weekly Friday Night Promenades held just steps from The Garden City Hotel. There will even be a big birthday party for Alexander Turney Stewart in October. The entire city will be celebrating the history of Garden City like links to Charles Lindbergh’s legendary flight, Adelphi University, and plenty of personal stories and family yarns. This is the perfect year to visit Garden City, enjoy the comforts of The Garden City Hotel, and learn some of the area's history.

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